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anyone can have a dream...

General info
Location?:new bern, NC

(explain your reasons for each answer)

Favorite Band/Singer?:dashboard confessional or hellogoodbye. D/C cause they write lovely lyrics and HGB has an awesome sound/vibe.

Favorite Song?:hard one... "letter to you" by finch. and just because thats me and my ex boyfriends song and it reminds me of him.

Favorite Actor & Actress?: i dont remember her name but shes in "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" if anyones seen it. shes played alot of roles in films i really like. and actor=jim carrey. hes funny:)

Favorite Poet?: chris of dashboard. because his words=beautiful poetry.

Favorite Author?: i dont really have a favorite. i read a lot and hardly ever more than one book of a certain author, except for stephan king, so i guess he's my favorite?

Favorite Book?: alices adventures in wonderland. lewis carroll has managed to capture the imagination of a child in such an amazing, technicolor way. i <3 it the book more than the movie.

(don't explain your reasons for these answers)
Favorite TV Show?: that 70's show
Favorite Movie?: wickerpark
Favorite Color?: white
Favorite Childhood Memory?: kissing my boyfriend from 4th grade on the cheek:)
Favorite Article Of Clothing?: socks?
Favorite Possession?: my cds deifinitely

Quote That Best Describes You?: carpe diem-sieze the day
What Would Be The Title Of Your Biography?: craziness? or how about "an everyday crisis"
What Are Your Hobbies?: taking pictures, writing, music
What Are You Scared Of?: the dark, being alone, being rejected, falling
Song Lyric That Best Describes You?: "shes unusually unusual absolutely unforgettable"
What Do You Want To Accomplish In Life?: i want to be happy. maybe learn to play acoustic.

(some random questions)
Best Piece Of Advice You've Ever Received?: stay true to yourself
Funniest Thing You've Ever Heard?: "nis-pe" chanted in a classroom

Open your music player, set it on random and type the first 5 songs it plays no matter how embarrassing they may seem:
1)bright eyes-"blue christmas"
2)kittie-"paper doll"
3)norah jones-"seven years"
4)hellogoodbye-"two weeks in hawaii"
5)dresden dolls-"bad habit"

Any Last Words?
nope. unless it will help to flatter you guys silly, then yes. this is like the total best community iv seen since forever. it really makes me smile. you guys are doing a fantastic job and i would <3 to be a part of that...there you go.
xoxo, me.
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