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:) I hope you make it.General info
: Nori Revenera
Age?: 15
Sex?: Not yet. :D..female

(explain your reasons for each answer)
Favorite Band/Singer?
: Alanis Morrisette. Her voice has edge, and I love her lyrics.
Favorite Song?:"fallen."- sara mclachlan. It reminded me of myself in one point in life.
Favorite Actor & Actress?: angelina jolie, she is stunning, and wonderful. johnny depp; he is a wild card and so utterly sexy it's insane.
Favorite Poet?:edgar allen poe, his writings are so..unique.
Favorite Author?: Anne Rice. Her writings are seductive and beautiful.
Favorite Book?: "The Body Thief." -anne rice. It's hilarious in some views; lestat becomes human again.

don't explain your reasons for these answers)
Favorite TV Show?
: My so called life
Favorite Movie?: Kill Bill V.1
Favorite Color?:Pink
Favorite Childhood Memory?: On the fourth of july we stayed at my uncles beach house and played in the sand.
Favorite Article Of Clothing?: Pink Fishnets
Favorite Possession?: This is going to sound lame, but my dustin teddy bear.

Quote That Best Describes You?
:"Let god put on hand on your shoulder to guide you, and the other on your mouth so that you'll shut up."
What Would Be The Title Of Your Biography?: Crimson Tide
What Are Your Hobbies?:Reading, dancing,sining, hanging out, phone, chatting,hugging, laughing, writing.
What Are You Scared Of?: being lost and abandoned
Song Lyric That Best Describes You?: "I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation, no no."
What Do You Want To Accomplish In Life?:Seeing my boyfriend, getting married, writing and selling a book..and giving some of it to charities.

(some random questions)
Best Piece Of Advice You've Ever Received?
:"Put a quarter between your knee's, did that? good. Now don't EVER let it drop."
Funniest Thing You've Ever Heard?: the noises my friend makes, when she laughs..kind of like a screeching hyena. It's effective.

Open your music player, set it on random and type the first 5 songs it plays no matter how embarrassing they may seem:

1)Poison Girl
2)your sweet six six
3)wicked game
4)sinmgllium diablo
5)gone with the sin
Any Last Words?
I love my boyfriend with everything I am. He means the world to me, and right now I miss him so bad it hurts. we've been together a month. he's in the army..and god how I miss him. oh..and..let me in?
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