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General info
Age?: 17
Location?: Syosset, NY
Sex?: Female last time i checked

(explain your reasons for each answer)
Favorite Band/Singer?: ugg that's tough. I'd have to say " Fall Out Boy" because christina and i listen to it all the time nad i love the lyrics and it makes me think of my tina
Favorite Song?: In Years to Come by Thrice just because i want to be that in love with someone
Favorite Actor & Actress?: dont have one
Favorite Poet?: Frost because i love everything he ever wrote
Favorite Author?: dotn have one
Favorite Book?: don't have one

don't explain your reasons for these answers)
Favorite TV Show?: Newleyweds
Favorite Movie?: A walk to remember
Favorite Color?: pink
Favorite Childhood Memory?: going to montauk with my dad and just watching the sunset
Favorite Article Of Clothing?: my viva la bam hat and shirt
Favorite Possession?: Lucy(the coolest teddy in the world)

Quote That Best Describes You?: "Meant to stand out, no matter how bad it hurts"
What Would Be The Title Of Your Biography?:  The Lost Heart
What Are Your Hobbies?:  singing, writing, basketball, swimming, etc
What Are You Scared Of?: spiders
Song Lyric That Best Describes You?: hmmm i guess the one tina wrote about me " she's everything they want her to be but she's no longer happy"
What Do You Want To Accomplish In Life?: to be everything that God wants me to be

(some random questions)
Best Piece Of Advice You've Ever Received?: Let Go Or Be Dragged - Tina
Funniest Thing You've Ever Heard?: my brother telling christina that he likes lesbians and going on and on about it while christina pretended to be so intrested

Open your music player, set it on random and type the first 5 songs it plays no matter how embarrassing they may seem:
Personal Politics - Idoru
2) Agianst the Flow - Idoru
3) Pangea- Idoru
4) State of Mine- Idoru
5) Words and Meanings- Idoru

( all idoru because christina got a CD from the guitarist, nikki d's bf's cousin and ilike them alot even though they are no longer)
Any Last Words? I love tina so please accept me

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