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Start Time: 10:29pm
>First grade teacher's name: Mrs.Cordiner.. she liked frogs

>First love: oh god... this kid in brooklyn i liked in kindergarden
>First pet's name: well my uncle's dog was kinna a pet... Cocoa
>First street you lived on: dont remember.. but the only one i can remember is 2 Anderson Street (ive moved 8 times)

>TODAY ...

>What's under your bed?: you dont wana know... trust me
>What's in your cd player?: Slipknot
>What color socks are you wearing?: white lol
>Current clothes: plaid skirt, black tanktop with red and black lace strapps and a skull thinger on the bow, and my DC shoes
>Current annoyance: nothing.. im very happy at my bf4l's house
>Current longing: well mark.. but he is a dumbass...but i am still infactuated (if i spelled that right) with him.
>Current desktop picture: KoRn
>Current hate: hate... well everyone but my friends..and some family
>Story behind your username: well i enjoy serial killers and if you're 555 then im 666.. what's it like to be heretic?
>Favorite authors: uhhhh ::backs away slowly::
>Famous person you have met: well i was like not even 2 feet away from the bands twisted method, dope, and mushroomhead.. oh and i met JULYA
>Do you have any regrets? no never... i do things cuz i do yeah... ::cough::
>Favorite coffee: irish coffee..or french vanilla..hahaha
>What makes you mad? posers, people who judge me before they know me.. idk
>Favorite way to waste time: listen to music, sleep, talk on the fone/aim, uhh TV, video games....did i say sleep already?
>What is your best quality? i never break a promise.. no matter what
>Are you currently in love/lust?: yes i am....
>What's the craziest thing you have ever done?: i went up the down escalator DONT DO IT.. I SWEAR YOU WILL HURT YOURSELF REALLY BADLY. I DID.
>Any bad habits?: i curse alot... and uhh... i eat... and uhh.. i have spazms of ADD.. oo a bag....::runs away::
>Do you find it hard to trust people?: yes.. i do... i dont trust many
>Any secret crushes?: no hes not a secret
>Do your friends know everything about you?: only one friend does...
>What do they tend to be like?: my friends.. well i only have a few.. they are all different... and are always there for me..
>Can you count on them?: always
>Can they count on you?: definitly
>DO YOU ...
>Smoke?: nope
>Do drugs?: nope
>Drink?: every so often (which is never)
>Play an instrument?: i used to play violen.. i know i really wana play drums or guitar

>Believe there is life on other planets?: yeah... mofo

>Read the newspaper?: the comic count right

>Believe in miracles?: omg the song... holy shit.. DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES... LA LA LA LA LA.
>Consider yourself tolerant?: sometimes.. and then i wana rip your head off.. and ::ahem:: what now
>Consider police a friend or foe?: THE PO PO 5-0 5-0 WOOP WOOP ::raises roof::
>Believe in astrology?: im an aries.. ill kick your ass
>Go to church?: church.. hell no
>Have any secrets?: not really.. i mean with some ppl.. but i have no secrets with keri
>Talk to strangers?: sometimes.. like when i go to concerts.. if i see a hot guy
>Hate yourself?: not really...
>Like your handwriting?: who cares
>Believe in ghosts?: no.. cuz the bodies in my backyard havent haunted me ..yet.. hahaha
>End Time:: 10:45
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