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Happy thursday

Start Time: 5:20 pm
>First grade teacher's name: Mrs. Savino....who threw me out of her class more then she wrote on the bored hehe

>First love: ummmm Joe colombo or my black and red dress...both very drastic and life changing hahaha
>First pet's name: Minnie the was a fish though...I never quite got the scenario behind that but it was cool
>First street you lived on: Clinton Avenue, Lindenhurst NY

>TODAY ...

>What's under your bed?: A Nockhokey bored I made in camp a long time ago and 3 million art sets with no paint left lol
>What's in your cd player?: Brand new, Jewel and a mix
>What color socks are you wearing?: School socks lol
>Current clothes: uniform lol
>Current annoyance: nothing i'm in a good mood :)
>Current longing: someone to love...yes im an annoying emo person hahaha oh yeah and a fuckin job why is my birthday so late!!!
>Current desktop picture: a black background with stars on the left side and it says goin down "this is the story of a girl who cried a river and drowned the whole world"
>Current hate: some people....but they arent really in my mind right now I whited them out for the weather :)
>Story behind your username: im dorky? lol
>Favorite authors: jane green, vc andrews, emily dickenson
>Famous person you have met: ummm none lol im really sad
>Do you have any regrets?: of course..but i wish i didn't
>Favorite coffee: white chocolate mocha mmmmm
>What makes you mad? ha backstabers are on the hitlist for the day but the list oes on
>Favorite way to waste time: talk to people, read, go walk around with my headphones...and rollerbladeeee =D
>What is your best quality? I'm a good listener and I'm good at helping people...I can't wait to be a nurse =D
>Are you currently in love/lust?: was...then I woke up and realized none of the guys in my life can really do anything but hurt me so im really just hopeing for somethin :)
>What's the craziest thing you have ever done?: let people run around on my roof? lol
>Any bad habits?: I tend to forget not everyone thinks like me lol
>Do you find it hard to trust people?: oppisite...i trust to easily :/
>Any secret crushes?: ha i wish
>Do your friends know everything about you?: hmmm like 1 or two know me very well ..but a lot of me is on the downlow for only me and you not to know haha
>What do they tend to be like?: fun, sometimes mean, always "right", loving
>Can you count on them?: Some...others are just really the outdoor buddies
>Can they count on you?: If i can help they know im there and if i cant im there to talk:)
>DO YOU ...
>Smoke?: when im about to rip out my hair...yes...but that's close to never cause i'm usually collected i don't go crazy often
>Do drugs?: no
>Drink?: now and then
>Play an instrument?: violin, viola, piano,...and I wanna take lessons for either drum or guitar...i'm not sure wich i want to learn yet

>Believe there is life on other planets?: nahh but it's not a big deal if there is

>Read the newspaper?: only when there's a good article my parents show me or if im lookin at the comics hehe

>Believe in miracles?: yes and no i mean miricals like what? I mean definitions of a mirical are different for everyone so I guess you could say I believe in second chances that arent a coincedence
>Consider yourself tolerant?: seemingly...I don't agree with a lot...but I rarley say anything cause I hate making waves that are unncessary
>Consider police a friend or foe?: they are there to keep shit low ...sometimes they save ur life others they do it's really who the person is. My uncle is a cop..I love him...but that has nothing to do with his job
>Believe in astrology?: like me being a libra? nahhh but i like to pretend its real. Everyone wants to here they're social and productive..and that the 24th and the 31st are the days to look out for.  lol
>Go to church?: When I can I wish I could more
>Have any secrets?: of course!!!
>Talk to strangers?: When they seem like a good person...I guess so
>Hate yourself?: hate? nahh I don't like hating anyone...I can't stand being around some people and I won't talk to them out of respect but I don't go <i>hating</i> except for like 1 or 2 people who really can't get any much worse in my book
>Like your handwriting?: Sometimes when I take my time its cool...but its too script/print to be read by many
>Believe in ghosts?: I don't know It sounds stupid since I believe everyone goes to a better place eventually...but I feel things sometimes that freak me out. But it moght be my head playing with me
>End Time:: 5:54 pm

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